Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Just a quick post to wish you all a very... 


and all the best in the

New Year! ^-^

Monday, December 14, 2009

OPI Mod About You NL B56

I would never have gotten this polish if it wasn't on sale for sixty percent off, but I'm extremely glad I did! :D I have always thought Mod About You looked like pink white-out, it was just simply too stark for my liking. However, after putting this on, I realized it wasn't your typical pink nail polish. It's retro, chic, and mod at the same time! MAY is a pastel pink creme that has lilac undertones. The formula was kind of thick, but there's nothing a lil thinner can't fix. Swatched with three coats in the pictures below! : )



P.S. Just wanted to let you all know that I really appreciate the lovely comments you ladies leave me. Your wonderful comments are the reasons why I enjoy blogging so much, they truly mean a lot to me! I'm really sorry that I haven't had the chance to respond to your messages and emails lately, but I will get to every single one of them as soon as I finish my finals on Friday! I love you all! Thank you so much for reading! n_n

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

China Glaze Sexagon


I wanted to wear something super blingy today and went for China Glaze Sexagon! = )



Mmm...don't you just love the silver holographic goodness in this polish? : D
Sexagon is from China Glaze's Kaleidoscope Collection which is consisted of twelve gorgeous holos. What I absolutely adore about this particular collection is that all the polishes have these large and grainy holographic particles in them. They add depth to the polishes making them tons more special and unique. n_n The Kaleidoscopes are unlike most other holos which usually have a finer shimmer finish to them.

I think I've mentioned this before, but unfortunately this collection has been discontinued so get them while you still can! I believe they are still available for purchase at some e-tailers. : )

Friday, December 4, 2009

OPI Russian Navy Suede

Here is OPI Russian Navy Suede NN R54 swatched with two coats. I didn't really like the formula because it dried relatively fast making it difficult to work with, but this is typical of all matte polishes so...I guess I just don't like matte formulas in general. Teeheehee!



Love how it looks with topcoat too! So sparkly!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Tutorial: How to draw an anchor : )

As promised, here's a tutorial on how to paint an anchor. n_n


1. Paint nail with a navy blue base.

2. Using a dotting tool or striping brush, roughly outline the shape of an anchor with white nail polish. As you can see, I just randomly dabbed on a design. : )

3. Fill in outline with white nail polish.

Look how easy this is! Freehand painting is totally not as hard as you think! ^-^

Monday, November 23, 2009

Nautical Themed Nail Art II

This manicure was inspired by a design in Nail Up, my favourite Japanese nail art magazine! ^-^ I knew I had to try this out right when I saw it! The design seemed really simple to do, yet it portrayed the nautical theme ever so perfectly!



Design on thumb...
Love the star-shaped rhinestones!


For this manicure I used (from left to right):

OPI Dating A Royal NL B70
OPI Alpine Snow NL L00
OPI Big Apple Red NL N25

Step by step tutorial:

1. Apply white polish on nails until opaque. I used three coats of OPI Alpine Snow in the pictures above. The polish was a bit streaky but workable. By the way, you can always have the same design on all nails if you want! : )

2. When the polish dries, paint on two red stripes. Tip: Divide nail into six equal sections and approximate the average thickness of each stripe...OR just paint on whatever you like, I don't think it matters all that much! Teeheehee! :D

3. With blue nail polish, paint a thin French tip along the free edge of the nail.

4. Stick on gold sequins to the ends of the stripes to complete the look. : )

P.S. I just remembered that I also took pictures of how I drew the anchor for the design on my middle fingernail. I shall post them up as soon as I get them edited! XD

Thanks for looking! Love you all!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Leopard Prints + Blue French Tips!


For this manicure I used:

OPI Bubble Bath
Missha BL03- a light blue duochrome with turquoise shimmer (My camera wasn't able to capture it properly)
Wet n Wild Black Creme
Dollar Store Silver Glitter
Konad Plate m57


Step by step tutorial:


1. Paint on a french tip. You can either use french tip guides (avaliable at most drug stores) or freehand it if you want. ^-^ Prior to this, I also painted my nails with OPI Bubble Bath, a very natural sheer pink, to cover up all my terrible yellow stains. You can skip this step if your nails aren't stained from wearing too much nail polish like mine. Lol!

2. Stamp on the leopard print design from Konad plate m57. Don't worry if it goes outside the french tip, we can always cover it up with the silver glitter in the next step.

3. Paint the smile line with silver glitter. n_n

P.S. Sorry for the crappy pics, the sun hid back behind the clouds by the time I finished this mani. : (

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just wanted to let you all know that...

...I'm still alive!!! XD

I'm sorry I haven't been posting much lately as I've been way too caught up with life/school. And plus, it's been raining here everyday making it impossible to go outside and take pictures. Sigh...can't wait for spring to come. T_T

Anyways, the good news is that the weather forecast says it's going to be sunny tomorrow morning so hopefully I'd be able to swatch a few polishes before it starts pouring again. Lol! Are there any specific shades or finishes of polish that you ladies would like to see? Vampies? Mattes? Glitters? Please give me some ideas and leave me a comment! n_n

So here is a totally spontaneous gradient mani that I did a while ago...


I had painted my nails with a sheer pink shimmer and found it way too boring so I added a gradient to it. Teeheehee! I noticed that a lot of you are interested in gradient manicures too so I've decided to do a video tutorial on it soon. Let's hope I can have it done by next week. Lol! ^-^

Friday, October 30, 2009

OPI DS Chiffon DS 008


This is three coats of pretty Chiffon under sunlight. The formula applied very smoothly, but was a tad too runny for my liking. Chiffon is one of my favourite holos, I actually wore it as my birthday mani earlier this year. n_n


Unfortunately, Chiffon has been discontinued by OPI but I believe it is still avaliable for purchase at most e-tailers if you like the colour. = )

Thanks for reading! = )

Monday, October 26, 2009

OPI Do You Lilac It? vs. OPI A Grape Fit


Here is a comparison swatch of two different purple cremes by OPI.


Index and Ring: OPI Do You Lilac It? NL B29
Middle and Pinky: OPI A Grape Fit NL B87

The swatch above is three coats of each; however, A Grape Fit was opaque in two coats already. Its formula is a lot more pigmented and smoother compared to Do You Lilac It? I don't know why, but DYLYI seems to thicken up really really fast. Oh well, there's nothing a lil thinner can't  fix. n_n

Different enough to own both? Yes, because they're practically two different colours! But for some reason I don't really like A Grape Fit on me, it doesn't seem to match my skin tone all that well and plus, it's really similar to another polish that I own. Then again, there's no such thing as owning too many nail polishes. ;)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

OPI DS Amethyst DS017

Here's beautiful Amethyst...

I love everything about this polish...the colour, the formula, the holographic goodness...Mmmm! n_n


Amethyst needs three coats for total opacity, but it flows onto the nails ever so smoothly. It can also be worn sheerer with less coats because of its perfect application and awesome formula. : )


Notice how all the leaves in the background have changed colours? They're so pretty...teeheehee! I love autumn!<3

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gothic Lolita?

This mani is dedicated to my sister because she loveees these sorts of designs. Heh, I don't even know what to name this mani... French Maid or Gothic Lolita? XD

I think Gothic Lolita seems more appropriate since French Maid is usually just black and white. Lol! I didn't really like this mani at first, but it totally grew on me the longer I wore it. n_n


I used three coats of OPI Kiss on the Chic for the base colour and also Wet n Wild Wild Shine in Black Creme for the Konad designs. I'm in love with this polish, it's so pigmented and works great with Konads! The most important of all is that it's super cheap and affordable! :D Oh, and the Konad designs are from plate m71. n_n

Some more pictures:


A lil step by step tutorial for you to recreate this design at home : )

1. Paint the base colour on. I used a sheer pink for this mani, but you can also try other colours such as white or purple. : )
2. After the polish completely dries, stamp the Konad design on near the tip of the nail.
3. Use a striping brush and black polish (or acrylic paint) to draw lines across the nails. Don't worry too much if the lines do not intersect at the same spot on all nails. They don't have to be perfect. : )
4. Lastly, paint a thin French tip on at the free edge of the nail to complete the design. : )
This design was really easy to do and definitely not as time consuming as the Lattice Mani since I didn't have to stick any beads on one at a time. ;)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm Not Really a Waitress vs. An Affair in Red Square


Today, we have a comparison of two beautiful red shimmers OPI I'm Not Really A Waitress NL H08 and OPI An Affair in Red Square NL R53.


Index and Ring: OPI I'm Not Really a Waitress
Middle and Pinky: OPI An Affair in Red Square

Very similar aren't they? These two polishes are known to be dupey to each other. However, INRAW is a bit cooler with some pink tones while AAiRS leans towards a more neutral, true red. Also, the shimmer in AAiRS adds a special glow to the polish that INRAW doesn't have.

Different enough to own both?... I'd say no, but if you would like to get either one and couldn't decide between the two, I would go with An Affair in Red Square because of the prettier glow, despite the fact that I'm Not Really a Waitress is OPI's most popular red and is claimed to look good on all skin tones. Both of these are three coaters and are swatched with no top coat in the picture above. : )

Monday, October 12, 2009

For Audrey vs. Greenport

Wow..I haven't posted in so long! I just finished all my midterms last week...actually wait...I think I have another one coming up on the 22nd. *sigh* Anyway, I should be back to somewhat regular blogging now until my crazy schoolwork gets to me again. :'(


I have promised to take a comparison picture of China Glaze For Audrey and Essie Greenport a really looong time ago and here it is finally! XD


Index and Ring: China Glaze For Audrey
Middle and Pinky: Essie Greenport

Turns out they're a lot more different than I thought they were. Greenport is a few shades darker than For Audrey and has more green in it. I guess they just look similar in the bottles. Both were opaque in three coats with no major application issues. : )

Different enough to own both?... YES, if you like both colours! :D

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lattice Mani sister called this the "spiderman-i". Lol! -__-"

Anyway, this lattice design was really simple to do since it was pretty much just straight lines of beads criss-crossing the nails. However, it was extremely time-consuming and actually took me 3 hours just to complete my left hand. >_<

This mani was inspired by a design in Nail Up. They used sequins for the entire design, but I didn't have all the different sizes needed so I just used what I had and what I thought would look good. : )

Some more pictures:
Here are the three easy steps to complete the mani! (We shall just skip the million tiny steps that occurred in between. Lol!)

1. Paint the base colour. This could be pretty much anything, just whatever that makes you happy!
2. Glue on the sequins so that they are aligned accordingly for the lattice pattern. I also used pearls for this mani....rhinestones can also be used as an alternative. : )
3. Glue on the silver beads in between the sequins to complete the design. It's as simple as connecting the dots! (Why didn't I think of this earlier?! Life would've been so much more "fun"! Lol!)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Visee BL 900

A frosted light blue polish with blue and silver shimmer. : ) I don't recall any problems with the application but the polish is very sheer and needs four coats to be opaque. I used this for some nail art that I did and thought I should mind as well swatch it for you guys. Teeheehee! I'll post the nail art pics as soon as I have them all edited! (Maybe later on today?) n_n

P.S. And OMG! Look at the super cute bottle too! :D



Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My First KOTD! : )

Here is my first KOTD. The sun was out yesterday so I thought I ought to stay home and work on some nail art. Lol. Isn't this really ironic? Shouldn't I be out enjoying the last bit of sunshine that we're gonna have here in Vancouver instead of staying home to paint my nails?!

Heh, I guess not. XD I just thought I should swatch more colours and take more sunny photos for you guys before it officially starts raining non-stop here. Afterall, I do live in a city where the rain falls consecutively for half the year. *sigh*


Anyway, I used Missha The Style Nail Polish in VL001 for the base colour. A very lovely lavender creme. Bottle colour can be acheived in two coats, but I used three in the pictures just because. : ) However, the formula was very thick and chalky and the stiff bristles on the brush made it very difficult to paint around the cuticles. : ( Nonetheless, I still love the polish for its gorgeous colour.

For the Konad design, I used plate M71 along with Wet n Wild Wild Shine in French White Creme. I originally used this one to paint the polka dots as well but after the first three dots I realized it was way too opaque. Since I was going for a more subtle look, I went for a sheerer white and used Essie Marshmallow instead. :D (A must have for French manicures!)

Some more pictures:


And here is a lil step by step pictorial of how it was done. : )


1. Paint your nails with your favourite colour.
2. Stamp the lacey design on.
3. Add polka dots!

Look at how easy this was! Only three simple steps! I think I have officially fallen in love with Konads! I've had my plates for quite a while now but didn't get a chance to do a full manicure with them until now. Can't wait to try out more designs! Loooveeeeeee!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Anna Sui 923

Are you bored of seeing all those bottle pics? I know I am! Lol! I had to see something swatched on nails to keep myself happy and sane. XD (I guess my haul pics will have to wait. Teeheehee!)

I've been wanting to show you guys this one for a long time, but didn't get around to editing these photos until now. This is Anna Sui 923, a sheer turquoise polish that's packed with green, gold and holographic glitter. :D
I love the colour combination in this one! It's so pretty and original because there just aren't too many glittery polishes in amazing colours like turquoise available out there. I wonder if China Glaze will be releasing something similar in their new collection? Hmm...
The formula on this is very smooth and easy to apply; I had no application issues at all. Four coats were used in the pictures for bottle colour. Since it's so sheer, you can always use it as a glitter top coat and layer it over other polishes for a more sparkly effect. Like all other Anna Sui products, 923 is also scented with their famous rose perfume. n_n



Here's a close-up of the glitter. : )