Monday, December 14, 2009

OPI Mod About You NL B56

I would never have gotten this polish if it wasn't on sale for sixty percent off, but I'm extremely glad I did! :D I have always thought Mod About You looked like pink white-out, it was just simply too stark for my liking. However, after putting this on, I realized it wasn't your typical pink nail polish. It's retro, chic, and mod at the same time! MAY is a pastel pink creme that has lilac undertones. The formula was kind of thick, but there's nothing a lil thinner can't fix. Swatched with three coats in the pictures below! : )



P.S. Just wanted to let you all know that I really appreciate the lovely comments you ladies leave me. Your wonderful comments are the reasons why I enjoy blogging so much, they truly mean a lot to me! I'm really sorry that I haven't had the chance to respond to your messages and emails lately, but I will get to every single one of them as soon as I finish my finals on Friday! I love you all! Thank you so much for reading! n_n


  1. wow ! The color is soo lovely :)

    thanks for sharing.

  2. Pretty colour. Is there any varnish that does not look gorgeous on your nails? Lovely.

  3. Hi Wan! I'm so glad to have stumbled upon your blog yesterday... I love nails and nail art, but most of the sites I browse are in the States or elsewhere (I'm from Vancouver, too hehe)

    What I'm wondering is 1. where have you bought your Konad plates? (I've seen them at booths in the mall, but not sure how the pricing is here) and 2. have you tried regular polish at Daiso? I have their nail art and glitter polish (like the silver one you have) but have yet to consider their polish...

    Keep up the great blog!!! :)

  4. Oh! And 3. where do you buy your China Glaze and Essie polishes? I know Shiffon sells Essie, but have never seen China Glaze around..

  5. I got this one on sale too! I love how retro it is - it's a fun color.

  6. I love, love this color. I haven't been able to find it anywhere and I kind of refuse to buy stuff online and pay shipping. I'll find it somewhere eventually! It looks beautiful on you.

  7. Your nails are stunning!
    Every nail polish will look good on them!

    Good luck on your finals!

  8. HI :D. I found your blog today via tumblr and wow I love your nails :DDD!

    I backtracked a few pages and saw that you were in HK recently (or, a while a go, perhaps) and omg you bought so many bottles of nail polish!!! I'm here in HK right now holiday-ing too and I bought so much stuff from the konad shop today ;___;.

    Anyway, just a heads up that I'll be stalking your blog from now on :) keke. Your nails are a really pretty shape, how do you keep them from chipping?

  9. I thought of another question to ask :). It might be dumb but...I'm serious. Since you bought so many bottles of nail polish from HK, how did you pack them in your suitcase? I only have 4 bottles (so far) and I'm already paranoid about what would happen if they leaked :S.

  10. Hi,

    I'm just discovering your blog and I find that what you do is great and very nice, I love it and I am sure I will come here very often !!
    Bye and kiss from France

  11. xLeafClover- Thank you! This isn't your typical pink polish, it's very mod! Love it!<3

    gildedangel- Thank you! I love how it looks on the nails! Super adorable and girly!

    The Diva's Polish- Aww Danielle...thank you so much! You're always so sweet! I <3 you!

    Justine- Hey Justine! Sorry for the late reply.

    1. I got my Konad plates from OC nail art ( They have excellent customer service and also free international shipping over $20. I believe they should be relatively cheaper than the booths at the mall so please do check them out! :D

    2. I have tried some of the nail polishes at Daiso. Most of them are quite sheer and their formulas aren't that great. However, I would recommend getting the holographic ones with the lil twisted bottles. I think they're called a-Rainbow or something like that. They have awesome colours and great application! There should be 12 colours in total I think. Lol!

    3. I purchased my China Glaze and Essie polishes online from various e-tailers. I will be adding links to the sidebar shortly so you can take a look at them! I have also seen Essies at Shoppers Drug Mart, London Drugs, and Trade Secret. As for China Glaze, I believe they are available at Sally Beauty in Surrey. I have also seen them at a nail supply place on Kingsway, but they don't have that great of a selection there.

    I hope this helps! Please leave me a comment or send me an email if you have any furthur questions! Thank you so much for visiting! : )

    Brooke- I was so glad I found it at Trade Secret! I love how they always have such amazing polishes in their clearance bins!<3

    Stephanie- I hope you'll find it soon! If I remember correctly, this polish is in OPI's core line so it should still be widely available. Best of luck to you! ^-^

    Thess- Thank you so much! I really like my nails at this length. Too bad they broke on me last week because I didn't have any polish on. They look nothing like the pictures now. My new nubbins are actually making me a lil upset. Lol! Thank goodness they'll grow back out! :D

  12. Ive seen this at Trade Secret on clearance as well. Interesting color but I've been afraid to try it on my brown skin. Looks great on you@

  13. i am in love with this pink! im gonna have to pick up thie color very soon, i always have a hard time finding the perfect baby pink!

  14. candychu- Thank you so much for dropping by. I am actually in Hong Kong again right now. Haha, can't wait to go shopping! I actually don't do anything in particular to prevent my nails from breaking. But here are some tips and tricks from the awesome ladies on the Makeupalley nail board.

  15. candychu- Hey candy, sorry I just saw your second comment. I actually just stuffed all my nail polish in a make up bag and packed it between my clothes. Just make sure all the lids are tight and you should be fine. However, you can always wrap them with bubble wrap or even tissue paper if you're worried that they'll break. Good luck! : )

    Saori- Thank you for visiting my blog! I'm really glad you like it! I really enjoy blogging and sharing my love for nail polish and colours. *kisses back* Thank you so much once again!

    camizz- Thank you! I love it too! It's so unique! : )

    adorepink- You should totally try it out! Darker skin makes bright colours pop! I'm sure it'll look gorgeous on you!<3

    Karla- This is a very lovely colour! You should totally get it! I love how it looks so retro and mod! I agree it's so hard to find a perfect pink that matches with my skintone, but I don't really wear pinks anymore so i guess that doesn't really matter. Lol! ^-^

  16. Hey, it's okay :D Yeah, that's what I've done as well. Thank you!

    Also this might be a really random question but do you happen to be wearing light blue nail polish? Like, just out of curiosity...:)

  17. candychu- Haha, nope not today. XD I'm wearing a red for Christmas. OPI An Affair in Red Square. So pretty! Love the shimmery glow!<3

  18. wan! im not a big pink person but I WANT TO STEAL this from you... its soooo pretty so i think i might actually go out and buy it lol!

  19. Wow, another underestimated pink, it turned out absolutely lovely...


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