Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nautical Themed Nail Art's been forever since I last posted. I have been studying for my final exams in the last two weeks and didn't get a chance to do anything else. >_< (Okay fine...maybe I'm exaggerating a bit...I'm sure I took some coffee breaks. XD) Anyway, I'm really glad I'm finally done! :D

At the moment, I'm in Hong Kong visiting my parents so I may not be able to update as frequently. However, I have a couple of swatches saved up from the past little while so hopefully I can post them up whenever I get a chance to! : )

Anyways, I have been loving the nautical trend of late and was dying to try this design out. I saw it in a Japanese nail magazine called Nail Up. Unfortunately, I don't know if I like the end result as much because it looked really thick on the nails. I think I used up to eight coats of polish at the tips.

I forgot to take a bottle picture for this mani, but here are the goodies I used:

Essie Marshmallow- base colour
The Face Shop Nail Colordium 601- baby blue creme
Essie Shelter Island- sky blue creme
Dollar Store Silver Glitter- it's the same one I used for my Minnie Mouse manicure : )
OPI Alpine Snow- for the stripes and outline of the anchor
OPI Big Apple Red- anchor


  1. AMAZING~~~ i love it =] so glad ur back to blogging. missed ur beautiful nails! <3

  2. super cute! I totally want these nails now!

  3. Welcome back Wan! :) And what a post to return on. Love the nautical nails! So neat and pretty!

  4. Your nautical manicure is beautifully done. So detailed and professional. I love the little jewel at the top of the anchor!

  5. Simply beautiful! I LOVE it! Great job

  6. you never fail to impress! ammmaaazing!

  7. Impressive indeed! It's so cute. Eight coats is a lot for the tips. But from looking at the photos I can't even tell.

  8. Hi Wan!

    Yay you're posting again! And such a cute design too :) I'm glad you haven't forgotten about your fans lol. How's your trip going? Is it hot in Hong Kong right now? I miss eating fishballs on the street :p

  9. Wow, that is super cute, looks so professional! You did a great job. Hope you're having fun :)

  10. I'm glad your back posting again. Hope you did well with your finals. Enjoy your self with your parents. It's always nice to be with them. Who else loves you so much and spoils you? I just love the nail art that you did. You really amaze me with the beautiful job you've done. Everything is done so neatly. I love the color combinations. It doesn't look like eight coats. Love the little anchor with the jewel. You are really talented with your nail art work.

  11. It looks really cute. :)

  12. OMG - the tips - can I call it a "near-gradation"? - are so cute!

  13. Karin- Thanks hun! ^-^

    Natalie- You should try it out too! They're not that hard to paint, but just very time consuming. : )

    gildedangel- Thank you! : )

    Danielle- Thanks dear! I missed you guys so much! There are a few more nautical designs that I want to try out from the magazine but I'll have to wait until I return home. : )

    paintedladyfingers- Thank you! The design is copied straight from the magazine, except for the polka dots in which they used sequins. I didn't have any so I just painted the them on. Teeheehee! :D

    mookiej- Thank you! :)

    kelliegonzo- Aww...thanks dear! :)

    Velvet- Haha, my nails were so thick, it looked like they were fake. You can kinda see it on the pinky. Now only if my polishes were more pigmented, then maybe I could've done it with only three coats. What's more? It took forever to remove because of all the nail polish I used. Lol XD

    Joyce- Hi Joyce! *waves*
    Of course I haven't forgotten about you guys! I've been visiting every single one of your blogs but just didn't get a chance to comment. Hopefully, I will be able to return to regular posting once I get back home. :) My trip has been pretty good so far. I got a lot of polishes and nail stickers yesterday! So happy! Maybe I can take a picture of my haul and post it up. The weather in Hong Kong has not been too good lately cuz there was a storm a few days ago, but it should be clearing up soon. And OMG! I still haven't gotten a chance to eat fishballs. Must go tomorrow! XD

  14. Nicole- Thank you! This manicure actually wasn't that hard to do but it was very time-consuming. I only had the patience to paint my left hand. Lol! However, I still ended up wearing this for 3 days. XD

    Lucy- Thanks Lucy! I will definitely cherish my time with my parents! I don't get to see them too often so it's always nice to be spend some quality time with them. :) I actually really like how this manicure looks after looking at the pictures. I can't wait to try more nail art designs when I get back home! :D

    nailnit- Thanks! :D

    nivipa- Yes, you can! It looks like those colour block dresses that are really popular right now! :D

    Pinkginger- Thank you! :)

  15. This is so cute, I want to try it!

  16. Hi Wan! I'm behind on leaving the comments aah.

    This mani is so awesome!! the colors look nice together and it is just adorable. The anchor is cute too, great job. Hope you enjoy time spent in Hong Kong maybe you could pick up some cosmetics huh huh?

  17. adorepink- Try it! :D It's not that difficult, but just very time-consuming.

    Kae- Me too! I'm soo behing on commenting...I feel so bad! :( Hopefully, I can return to regular blogging once I get back home. : )

    And OMG! They have sooo many different kinds of nail polishes here in Hong Kong. I think I'm gonna go bankrupt soon! LOL!

  18. I love this look! I can`t wait to try it out! Quick question:I live in Canada also and whenever I try t order polish from online retailers it says that they don`t ship to Canada! Where do you get your polish from? Thank you

  19. Sorry for the late reply alexas! I just saw your comment. : ) I usually order from head2toe, but I think I might try out transdesign now that H2T increased their prices for Essies. Hope this helps! :D

  20. i love this look!
    its so adorable i think im going to try it but with a navy blue :D

  21. Oh I love this to bits! I'd like to try that also in baby pink. It's very serene. I'm glad I saw this pic on mookiej's blog and found your blog :)

  22. Hey! I just discovered your blog and now I'm a follower [:
    I googled anchor nail art, haha. I love this!! It looks awesome!


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