Monday, September 14, 2009

My Hong Kong Haul Part III: The Peaches, Pinks, and Oranges


Skin Food Milk Creamy Nail OR002- pastel orange with subtle shimmer
Skin Food Milk Creamy Nail OR005- another pastel orange, but this one has more a bit more red in it
Revlon Peach Nectar 913- I noticed that this is in Revlon's core polish line, but I've never seen it in Vancouver. How weird!
DHC Nail Dressing OR29- sheer peach with holographic glitter and silver shimmer


Skin Food Milk Creamy Nail PK005- peachy pink creme
Sasatinnie PK003- another peachy pink creme : )
DHC Nail Dressing PK28- sheer light pink with holographic glitter and shimmer
DHC Nail Dressing PK27- sheer medium pink with holographic glitter and shimmer


  1. Utterly jealous of your getting Skin Food polishes! They look so cute!

  2. Oooh, I've been eyeing OR002 at my local Skin Food store for a while now, but was kinda iffy about it because of the store's lighting. Your pic might just make me finally buy it! XD

  3. These are yummy looking shades. I can't wait to see them swatched. They look like the popsicles with the orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream. Love the glitter, it looks like orange slice candies. I wish I had a popsicle.

  4. flinty- I agree! The miniature milk bottles are soooo cute! I think there's an Korean ebayer who sells these for very reasonable prices. Maybe you can go check them out! :D

    gildedangel- Thank you!<3

    Angie- It's a gorgeous colour! Too bad I don't have it swatched yet, but you should really get it! I"m sure it'll look beautiful on you! :D

    Lucy- I know right? They all look as if they're edible. Lol! I wish I had a popsicle too! Hmm...I think I might need to get some popsicles later. Hahaha! :D


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