Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Hong Kong Haul Part IV: The Purples


From left to right:

Skin Food Milk Creamy Nail VL001- This actually looks more like a pink now that I look at it again. Let's just call it light fuchsia pink! :D
Tony Moly Partylover OC03- red-violet creme. I originally got this hoping that it might be a dupe for Chanel Cassis. I wanted to get it for my sister since her bottle is almost used up. (It's her favourite pedi colour!) However, after comparing the two, I realized that I was a bit off since Cassis is darker and a tad more blue.
Tony Moly Partylover OC11- dark purple creme
Shu uemura C891- another dark purple creme, this one looks as if it has more red in it. It's also darker and more pigmented than OC11.


Skin Food Jojoba Pure Nail VI003- pale lavender with holographic shimmer
Sasatinnie PU001- lilac creme
Pupa Ref. 2357 47- dark purple jelly with silver microglitter
Sasatinnie GL002- dark purple jelly base with silver shimmer and opal flakes.


  1. The Skin Food bottles look adorable.. I am jealous of all your new colours!!

  2. I love purples; these look great!

  3. purples are definitely my favorites, the description you did of that last one has everything to make it a winer for me: dark+jelly+purple+silver+shimmer+flakes \o/

  4. LOVE the purples. and wow SO MANY NEW POLISHES...and u weren't away for THAT long. awesome awesome! purple nxt time pour moi? =]=] waiting to c ur NAILS ^^

  5. Sasatinnie looks great! Can´t wait for the swatches :)

  6. Can't wait for u to try the skin food Milk creamy ones!! :):) it'll be great if u have all the different pastels/creamy ones on one hand HAHAHA!!

    How much do they retail for in HK?? :):)

  7. I love all the different shades of purples. They are so pretty. I love all the different shades of polish. Can't wait to see them all swatched.

  8. Delaynee- I love them too! They're so cute that I had to go back and get more of them the very next day! :D

    gildedangel- Thanks! Purple is one of my favourite colours as well! : )

    chocaddict- Don't you think that one looks like the new OPI from their holiday collection? Its name escapes me but I tried swatching it on my nail wheel the other day and after six coats, it was still sheer and streaky. *sigh* Major disappointment. :'(

    Karin- Heh. Come on karin...I didn't get THAT many polishes. And plus, I was away for the entire month. Heh.

    AllYouDesire- I love that Sasatinnie too, but unforturnately it has a horrible formula. Oh well, I guess I'll just get that new OPI from their holiday collection instead since the two look so similar. : )

    Ser- I can't wait to try them out either but I really don't know when I'll be able to take pretty pictures again since I have a feeling that fall is just around the corner and we're gonna have rain, rain, and more rain everyday. I don't remember exactly how much they were but I think it was approximately $50HKD for one. Shhhh...don't tell anyone okay? Lol. XD Sigh, I should really stop spending so much money on nail polish.

    Lucy- Thanks dear! I'll try to swatch them as soon as I can!:D


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