Tuesday, October 20, 2009

OPI DS Amethyst DS017

Here's beautiful Amethyst...

I love everything about this polish...the colour, the formula, the holographic goodness...Mmmm! n_n


Amethyst needs three coats for total opacity, but it flows onto the nails ever so smoothly. It can also be worn sheerer with less coats because of its perfect application and awesome formula. : )


Notice how all the leaves in the background have changed colours? They're so pretty...teeheehee! I love autumn!<3


  1. Beautiful holo, I love the color. I wonder if it's too light for me? But it's holo so I'll have to get it anyway! lol

  2. I love all DS polishes! I don't have one similar to that color, but wow is it gorgeous! The selection of DS polishes at my Ulta is a bit limited, but I'm totally going to search for that one. So pretty!

  3. Oh my, that one has me drooling! I love DS polishes, I need to expand my collection! Looks so pretty on you :)

  4. This is so pretty! I love it... I am gona order it soon!

  5. OMG WAN this colour is soooo nice!!! I've missed you a lot too but I'm very happy to see that you've been constantly posting. I have been blog stalking you ;) Dang I really want this DS polish now xx

  6. I love the holo! It's now on my wish list! Looks like you're having some beautiful autumn days> Send it over here won't you!


  7. What a gorgeous name for a polish! Love everything about this holo! Probably because it's on your beautiful nails Wan!! Xx


    i love thisssss!!!!!!!!!

    it love how it's rainbow in the light. i want it NOW!!!

    can i repost this image? ill tag it back to you.

    :) i LOVE your blog.

    yours faithfully,

  9. really gorgeous! =] i only have one OPI from the DS series, but i never seem to be able to capture the true beauty of it's color on pictures! =S

  10. hey this IS new for me =) haha kewlkewl~ i really like this colour~~

  11. What a beautiful color!! I love it.

    I just found your blog, I am a new blogger since last week and am finding all kinds of polish blogs, I love it. :)
    I also have a post that I did today with details on a giveaway I am going to be having. Stop by and check it out. :) It is for when I get 50 followers..
    Have a great day!

  12. LOVE the blog!!!!!

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  13. Evil Angel- I'm think it'll look beautiful on you for sure, not light at all! : )

    gildegangel- I agree! It's a gorgeous colour! :D

    Asami- Me too! I love all DS polishes too, but they're so expensive compared to the regular OPIs. I actually got this on ebay cuz i couldn't find it in stores. Ooo..try looking for it at trade secret, sometimes they'll have some discontinued DS polishes for 60% off. Good luck finding it! :D

    Kae- Thanks Kae! You need to get this one! I'm sure it'll look gorgeous on you! One can never own too many nail polish! Lol! :D

    UmaPreve- Yes! yes! order it! order it! You'll love it even more on your nails. ^_^

    Joyce- Teeheehee! I'm trying to blog as much as I can but I only have so many sunny swatches saved up to post and it's been raining here every single day for the past few weeks making it extremely hard to go outside and take pictures. Sigh..I miss summer! : (

  14. Jodes- Haha...I think it was only that day when it was sunny, it has been raining everyday ever since. :|

    Danielle- Aww..you always leave the sweetest comments! Thank you so much Danielle!<3

    Erimentha- I love this too! It makes me drool just by looking at the pictures. You can surely repost this image but please remember to attribute my work. Thanks for visiting my blog! : D

    Miss Queenie- Thank you! I find holographic polishes to be very hard to capture on camera too, but I still haven't found out why yet. My pictures don't do this polish justice; it looks 100x more gorgeous in real life. : )

    Karin- Thanks dear! You can have this for your next mani! :D

    trishalynn0708- Thank you and welcome to the world of blogging! You're gonna love it! :)

    Eternally Fixated- Thank you! : )

  15. Ohh, looks like a rainbow in the light *_*


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