Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just wanted to let you all know that...

...I'm still alive!!! XD

I'm sorry I haven't been posting much lately as I've been way too caught up with life/school. And plus, it's been raining here everyday making it impossible to go outside and take pictures. Sigh...can't wait for spring to come. T_T

Anyways, the good news is that the weather forecast says it's going to be sunny tomorrow morning so hopefully I'd be able to swatch a few polishes before it starts pouring again. Lol! Are there any specific shades or finishes of polish that you ladies would like to see? Vampies? Mattes? Glitters? Please give me some ideas and leave me a comment! n_n

So here is a totally spontaneous gradient mani that I did a while ago...


I had painted my nails with a sheer pink shimmer and found it way too boring so I added a gradient to it. Teeheehee! I noticed that a lot of you are interested in gradient manicures too so I've decided to do a video tutorial on it soon. Let's hope I can have it done by next week. Lol! ^-^


  1. Hi Wan, I immediately put my hand up! I can't wait to see your gradient tutorial. Your nails look stunning xx

  2. I would love to see a gradient tutorial!

  3. Loooks wonderful. A tutorial would be much appreciated!

  4. Your nails are GORGEOUS! Love that gradient. So subtle...

  5. I love your gradient mani! Very classy!
    I'd love to see a post on different finishes with photos - as English is not my first language sometimes I find it hard to distinguish between shimmer and glitter, matte and jelly and so on and so forth. NailJuice has a post on finishes but it's lacking photos to exemplify.

  6. I can't wait for that gradient tutorial! I am dying to find an easy way to do this!

  7. oh wow... i cant wait for the video!!! plz post soon!

  8. This mani is stunning ! You did such a great job and I love the comb you chose :-)

  9. Danielle- Aww..thank you so much Danielle! I will try to work on the tutorial ASAP! Now only if the sun would cooperate with me....Lol! >_<

    Camy- Thank you! This gradient mani was totally spontaneous because I was just playing around with my random polishes and had no idea what i was coming up with. Teeheehee! Nevertheless, I love how it looked in the end!<3

    Danica- I will definitely start working on it as soon as possible! But my nails and cuticles are in such bad shape right now... :(

    Jessica- Thank you so much! I will start working on it very very soon! I totally lied that i was going to have it done by this week. I've been soo busy with school I've been wearing the same mani for five days! *gasps*

    nihrida- Thank you so much dear! I totally agree with you! This gradient is so subtle and girly!<3

    gildedangel- Thank you! ^-^

  10. Very pretty. You have such lovely nails. I'd love to see a tutorial of a gradient. I'd also love to see some vampy polishes.

  11. gatamiau- Thank you so much! I will definitely try posting more swatches of the different finishes for you. : ) Aside from the post, Nail Juice have also added the definitions along with examples of the different finishes on her sidebar. Please go check them out, they are really helpful! Totally my number one resource when I need to figure out the different finishes! ^-^

    contests and such- I will try to work on the video asap! I'm sorry it took me so long! >_<

    Anonymous- I will definitely try posting it as soon as possible! :D

    Tuli- Thank you so much!<3 I just thought a silver gradient on a pink base would be more unique. I'm really glad you liked it! :D

    Lucy- Thank you Lucy! You're always so sweet! And thank you for your suggestion! I just noticed that I haven't even posted a single dark polish before. Must swatch till I drop when mr. sun finally decides to show up! XD


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