Friday, March 12, 2010

China Glaze Up and Away for Spring 2010: Part III


Re-fresh Mint- A pastel mint green creme. I'm planning to thin this one down a bit since the formula is a lil on the thick side. Three coats. = )


Four Leaf Clover- Vibrant green creme. This one is so bright it's almost neon! The polish is very pigmented and is opaque in two coats. Four Leaf Clover is incredibly difficult to capture on camera; it took me quite a long time and also many different camera settings to get it as colour accurate as possible. Due to different monitor settings and the lighting this was photograph in, the swatch you see may still vary from the polish's true colour.


Flyin' High- Medium turquoise creme. The formula on this one is very smooth and not as thick compared to some of the pastels in this collection. I used two coats for this also.


Last but not least,
Grape Pop- Gorgeous purple creme. This one requires two thin coats for bottle colour.

Want to see the rest of the collection?
Part I of the collection can be found here and Part II can be found here.

These were sent to be for review.

P.S. I also worked on some nail art using a few polishes from this collection. Please stay tuned as I will have them uploaded very soon! Thanks for reading! =D


  1. Hi Wan, how are you?
    I've just found your blog and it's really nice.
    If you want to visit my place:
    The only problem is that it is in portuguese (I'm from Brazil)..

  2. GORGEOUS!! Four Leaf Clover looks incredible on your nails!

  3. I really need to get those greens. They are amazing!

  4. Oh my god, those greens are fabulous!

  5. Re-fresh Mint looks amazing! May I ask where you purchased it in Vancouver?

  6. My god, you have gorgeous nails.

  7. beautiful swatches!

  8. Fernanda Boubee- Hi Fernanda! Thanks for visiting! You've got an amazing blog there! =D

    Brooke- Thanks! Even though green is my favourite colour, I tend to shy away from it when it comes to nail polish. I'm in love with Four Leaf Clover, I have a feeling I'm going to wear this one very often!

    DistantDreamer- Thank you! You definitely need them! They're fabulous!

    Opri- I know! You should pick them if you haven't already! : )

    Jenn- Yeah it is! Re-Fresh Mint is a gorgeous mint creme. I usually purchase my China Glaze polishes online at e-tailers. However, this was kindly sent to me for review from a wonderful PR Representative at China Glaze. Please feel free to email me if you have any further inquiries! I hope this helps!

    Charming Nails- Thank you!!!<3

    gildedangel- Thankss! =D

    Gabrielle- Aww...*blushes*..thank you so much! You're so sweet!<3

    ohgerryberry- Thank you! =)

    Polish Hoarder- I agree! I'm in love with all of them! :D

  9. Those last two colors are amazing!


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