Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ice Cream Sundae Mani


I mentioned that I worked on some nail art with a few of the polishes from China Glaze's Up and Away Collection..and here it is finally! This manicure has nothing to do with ice cream sundaes or whatsoever; however, the feeling that it emits simply reminds me of one. You know, like a banana split kinda thing? XD


Hahaha, is it just me or does my pinky look significantly shorter than the rest of my fingers?
I think this is the first photo that I ever posted which shows more of my hand. Actually, my left hand to be exact. Have you ever noticed that I only swatch or take pictures with my left hand? If you ever wondered why, it's because I use a DSLR for my swatches. This means it makes it almost impossible for me to hold the camera if I wanted to take pictures of my other hand. Therefore, it's always just my left hand that has to endure all the harsh aftermaths of nail polish remover. No wonder my cuticles look so terrible! >.<

Sometimes...I guess there are just some things you have to sacrifice for prettier pictures? (At least...that's how I try to comfort myself. LOL!)

I used Re-Fresh Mint, Something Sweet, and Lemon Fizz for this design. I will post the tutorial to this mani as soon as I have the pictures edited, perhaps later on today or tomorrow?

I picked up some limited edition Japanese Kit Kats the other day and really wanted to share these with you guys!
Royal Milk Tea is without doubt my all-time favourite drink, I can't wait to try this out! By the way, does anyone know what kind of tea they use for this? I have always wondered about it...

Mmm...Sparkling Strawberry Soda! ^-^

And lastly Ginger Ale! =D

Have any of you tried these yet? They look absolutely delicious!!!


  1. that manicure is very pretty and spring-like--i love it!!

    and i wish i had access to japanese goodies like those kit-kats. i haven't tried any before: the strawberry soda one sound good, but i've heard iffy reviews about the ginger ale flavor :(

    i hope that one tastes alright because ginger ale is my fave soft drink.

  2. Your mani is super cute!

    I have the strawberry one have not tried it yet! I wish I could have tried the green tea one aaah.

  3. This is absolutely adorable. I'm not much of a pastel person in general, but this combination works great.
    (And your pinky is just the right length!)

  4. Hi Wan! Love the pastel colours in your nail art! Subtle elegant and gorgeous but would we expect less from you?! Beautiful. I didn't realize kit-kats came in a variety of tastes! Yum! xx

  5. omg ! This is super duper cuteeeeee :)
    I love it !!
    Perfect for spring time .

  6. that just screams "Spring!" I also love the placement of the rhinestones.

  7. Very pretty manicure, I love you pictures!

  8. This is too cute! I got Lemon Fizz and Peachy Keen from CG Up and Away collection. I think I am going to try out this look today!

  9. What a gorgeous manicure! I can definitely get the icecream sundae vibe =)

    I can't wait to try out this collection! The colours just look so beautiful. I wish they would release it downunder!

  10. That mani is SUPER cute!! I might have to get some pastels just so I can do this!

  11. i bought ginger ale in hk! havent seen the other two! royal milk tea sounds so goooooooooooooooooood! LOVE THE MANI btw... love u too <3 21 ^^ 3...21

  12. ooohhh!! That mani is just so cute and it screams SPRING!!
    adorable! LOVE it!!

  13. How cute! It looks like an Easter mani to me. I like how you didn't use the colours in the same position on each nail!

  14. ohgerryberry- Thank youu! I still haven't tried them yet. At the moment, I'm on a strict detox diet... which means no kit kats for me! SAdddd! =(

    Kae- Thanks Kae! I had a green tea one really long ago! It was so yummy! I think it was one of the regional ones too!

    Polish Hoarder- Thank you! I'm in love with it myself as well!

    CucumPear- Thank you! I've been loving all the pastels of late! They're so spring-y!

    Danielle- Aww Danielle! You're so sweet! They release a lot of really unique flavours for kit kats in japan. In fact, they come up with quite a few different flavours every season. It makes me want to collect them all! XD

    xLeafClover- Thank you! I agree with you! The colours make it perfect for spring time!^^

    Jeannie- Thanks! The placement of the rhinestone was actually inspired by a design in Nail Up! Lovee that magazine!<3

    Charming Nails- Thank youu! I'm really glad you like the pictures as i put a lot of effort into making them as pretty and colour accurate as possible. ^-^

    bowsnhearts- You should totally try it out! Please remember to post it on your blog too! I'd love to see it on you! =) I'm sure it'll look beautiful!

    'chelle- Thank youu! Perhaps you can purchase them online at the e-tailers? :)

    Catherine- Thanks! and YAY! what a great excuse to get more nail polish! A girl can never have too many! =D

    Karin- I got them at Candyland! Still haven't tried them yet..=(
    No chocolate for Wanwan! Boooooo!

    Berry T- Thank you! It sure does scream Spring! My fave season of all! I was born on the first day (or was it second) of spring so maybe this is why!

    lady Odeur- Thank youu!<3

    glitterM- Hahaha...I think so too!My nails kinda look like mini easter eggs eh? =)


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