Monday, July 19, 2010

My blinged up Hello Kitty iPhone case + matching manicure!

This blinged up Hello Kitty iPhone case is a gift from my oldest sis. (Thanks manman!! n_n) She actually designed the pattern and had it custom made at a decoden place! Isn't it preeeeettttty?♥♥♥

Just look how lovely it sparkles in the sun!♥♥♥

Close-up of my mani.♥

For my matching Hello Kitty manicure I used (from left to right):

Essie Red Nouveau for the Konad pattern on my thumb (plate m59)
Color Club I Believe in Amour
Essie Marshmallow
China Glaze Fairy Dust
Revlon Blizzard Berry- This is a Japanese release...kinda looks like the new Revlon glitters no? However, this bottle is a lot smaller cuz it's only a 10mL.

And a step-by-step tutorial for you to recreate this design at home!

1. Paint nail with a soft white base. I used Essie Marshmallow once again...seems like I've been using it for every single one of my nail art posts lately. I'm a bit upset because I've already used up 1/3 of my bottle. I feel the need to get a back-up but Essies are soooo expensive now. ='(

2. Next, paint on a layer of China Glaze Fairy Dust or any other holographic microglitters that you have. Fairy Dust is absolutely my favourite glitter top coat! Everything turns so much more magical with this layered over!

3. Lastly, apply a Hello Kitty nail sticker at the tip of your nail and then bling up the design with some pink and or clear rhinestones! =D

No worries if you don't know where to get the nail stickers cuz...
The famous Hello Kitty fauxnad plate A02 can be used as a great alternative! I used China Glaze Admire for the stamp, it's a medium metallic pink that works wonderfully with Konads! Actually, all of the Romantiques work great with Konads..I believe they're all one-coaters and are very opaque. : )

For the rest of the fingers...I painted them with a light pink creme and then layered a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust on top of it. I finished the design off with two coats of Revlon Blizzard Berry which is a hex glitter in a pink jelly base. This is just to add extra sparkles to the mani, feel free to omit this step if you want.

I hope you ladies like the design! Now tell me...who else is a fellow Hello Kitty fanatic? :D

Thanks for dropping by everyone! xoxo


  1. Both your nails and your iPhone case are so cute! I love Hello Kitty.

  2. So cute. Love both your nails and your phone.

  3. I always wanted one for my phone but never got it, so jealous! Love the mani too!

  4. Both are beautiful! i might need a bright sparkly case for my new phone and hello kitty would be fantastic :)

  5. That is absolutely gorgeous, REALLY nice job! :) love it

  6. GREAT mani, even cooler iphone case! =)

  7. Where did you get those awesome Hello Kitty -stickers? Soooo cute! Love your mani and phone <3

  8. Oh my goodness, loving your iPhone case and your mani is SPECTACULAR!! so adorably cute and fun - I just love how coordinated you are!!

  9. omg this is totally awesome, I love it!!

  10. i love hello kitty too! the nail design and phone case are too adorable!

  11. I love these tut's you are doing

  12. I don't know which is cuter! The case or your nails! <3

  13. You Have Won An Award :-}

  14. your nails are always so beautiful!! Love your case!! you got a really awesome sister :D

  15. Awwww!!! So cute! I wish I had the diligence for doing my nails :P

  16. wow didn't know your sister designed it wor! <3<3 and <3 ur nails. should b more bling + hello kitty to match ur SUPER shiny phone!

  17. your nails are so beautiful & the way to hold the case is very appleaing
    iPhone 4 Cases

  18. Hello Kitty! So Cute! :)

  19. not a big fan of hello kitty but regardless love the nails. just a quick question, i dont know if this is too personal, just about how much do you spend on gems and such? and where do you order it?

  20. Oh my god!! I LOVE the Hello Kitty case. (Definitely a HK fan here. ^_^) It's so sweet that your sister designed it for you. And the cute-chic mani is the icing on the cake.

  21. Zara- Thank you! I've actually worked on a couple variations for the nail art design. This is by far my favourite one!

    Steffie- Thanks! I loveeee my phone! (I hope you'll read this sis.) It's just so sparkly! My picture does not do it justice.

    Kae- Get one! or you can always bling one up yourself! :D

    Jessica- Hello Kitty is definitely a great idea!

    Iris- Thank you! It's actually a very simple mani to do! Try it out when you have time! : )

    LisalnFl- Haha, I know right? I've got so many compliments on it! Prettiest case ever! I <3 my sis!

    Anonymous- I got it at a gift shop, it came with a nail buffer. I took a picture of it, i can show you if u like! =)

    Brooke- Aww..thank you so much Brooke! You're always so sweet! I'm just really glad I found the HK stickers, they're so adorable and totally top off the design!

    OH MY POLISH!- Thanks! I'm really glad you like it! Try it out when you have time, it only requires a few simple steps!

    emimonster- I loveee hello kitty! When I was young, I would wake up really early on a saturaday morning just to watch the cartoons! Hehe good times! Don't think they still show them on tv though...=(

    Lolitadewdrop- Thanks! I just thought I'd share the different steps to the designs so you ladies can do them too! =)

    Susie- Aww...I think I like my phone more! Haha..i hope you'll see this too sis...chances are pretty slim..but still! I <3 you!

    thhjasmine- Aww thank you so much for nominating me! You're the best!

    eki- Oh my goodness!! Thank you so much for dropping by Eki! I can't believe you follow my blog! You're one of my favourite bloggers!! Thank you so much for your wonderful site!<3<3<3

    Twister- Yeah it looks a hundred times more sparkly in person, too bad my camera wouldn't pick it up.

    Julianne- Haha, this is actually not that hard to do. It's just a very simple layering design. Grab a pink polish and either one or two different glitter polishes and you're good to go! : )

    Catherine- Thank youuu! :D

    sadpuppy123- yupyup! she did! she did! The store actually made a few more afterwards to sell them too! I wanted to bling up my entire nail but I thought it'll look a lil over the top so I just ended up using my glitter polishes. Lol!

    Anthony- LOL! Thanks! How did you find my site? Do you sell iPhone cases?

    emily- Thank youu! =)

    Mia- Are you a HK fan as well?

    alison- Hmm...that's a good question. I haven't really bought any rhinestones in a long time. The ones I have are from a while back and I have no clue how much they were cuz my sister got them. However, I think you can get some really cheap ones on ebay. They're like only a couple dollars for 2500 pieces? But the quality would probably not be that great. Sorry I'm not able to help! :(

    Pam- Actually, she didn't design it for me. It's more like she designed it for herself and I stole it from her. LOL! She got another one after that regardless. Hahaha, just thought I ought to make it clear. Still the best sis ever though!

  22. "Anonymous - I got it at a gift shop, it came with a nail buffer. I took a picture of it, i can show you if u like! =) "

    Yes yes please! :) <3

    - S

  23. i love hello kitty too! the nail design and phone case are too adorable.It is absolutely gorgeous.I might need sparky case for my new iphone.


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