Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Blogs + Bonus Doggy Pic =)


Here are this week's new blogs:
A Splash of Serendipity
colors and paws
Gilded Lily
fix me
Know Thy Nail Polish
Matilda's Manis
My Nailz
Nail Bean
Nail Narcissism
polish of the day. ish.
Polish Packrat
The Chain Nail

Please let me know if I have accidentally left out your blog. There were a few links that did not work, if you've sent me a message about your blog but do not see it on this list, please check the link and forward it to me again. =)

Also, if you have a newish blog and would like me to feature it on my site, please feel free to leave me a message in the comments section or drop an email to! I'll add you onto the list for next week. =D

Alritey, I'm off to school now! I'll post a new nail art entry when I'm home. Have a great day everyone! 


  1. Fluffywupperlove!! Thanks for posting my blog!

  2. Omg, what kind of dog is that?? it's so cute, i want it!

  3. awww he'sd so cute :D
    my brother wants a dog so badly, i think they're cute buuuuut i'm soooo scared of them LOL ;[

    -kathy ♥

  4. What a cute dog! A Westie (West Highland Terrier), I think?

  5. Oh my GOODNESS! That is one cute puppy!!!!

  6. The cutest lil puppy evarrrrrrr ^.^

  7. Could you please feature my blog next week. It's a pretty new blog. And I'm working to reach my goal of 25 followers before Summer ends....I'm currently up to 15. Thank You!

    BTW! Your dog is so cute. I want one just like that. But I have a big puppy. And he is a little attention crazed, so I don't think that will work.

  8. That's such an adorable dog :D

    Thank you for sharing all those links, I will check them out.
    I also have a blog that's new (not even 2 months old ^_^)
    please take a look and add me to the next list if you want :)

  9. Hi that doggie is oh so adorable. I have a fairly new blog and would be very honored if you could take a look. If you like it I would be pleased if you put it on your list. Thank You.

  10. thanks so much Wan. I am dead from puppy cuteness.

  11. so cute!

    My new blog:

  12. Awww, is he yours? He's so cute!
    Please include my new blog in your next list! Thank you ^_^!!

  13. That is such a cute dog!!!! I can't stop looking at it. I wish I could pet it!

  14. Awwww...what an utterly adorable doggy!

    And thanks so very much for including my blog in your post!! :)

  15. Your dog and my dog should have playdates. :D

    Thank you for the link, Wan!

  16. My blog is new-ish, it's a year old, but I'd be happy if you could list it. :)


  17. Anita- My pleasure sweetie! I hope this will help bring some new readers to your blog!<3

    milan and vanaily- Haha, he's a Maltese!

    Gryffindorx3- Get a puppy then or like a smaller dog! They don't bite....usually. Lol!

    Zara- He's actually a Maltese. =) This was taken when he was still a puppy though. He looks nothing like this now.

    Jen- I'll tell him you said that!<3

    Jen- I think this was taken when he was about nine weeks ago? Haha, good times! He just turned two last month. =)

    natasha1821- I'd love to feature your blog sweetie but unfortunately I'm thinking of doing only nail-related blogs. I'm really sorry and I hope you understand. Keep up the amazing work on you site though! I think you're doing great! : )

    Cel- I'll be more than happy to add you onto the list for next week! Your blog looks great! Love the nail art that you've been doing!

    Mz Erika- I'd love to put you on the list! Send me your link when you have time! =)

    karen- Hahaha! I'm thinking of posting my collection of puppy pics with my new blogs features every week now. Everyone seems to be loving it! n_n

    Tara- Thanks! Your blog is looking great! Keep up the wonderful work! ^-^

    MissMidnightBlue- He is!<3<3<3 And he's got such a great personality too! Wait..can you use that word to describe dogs? Anyway, he's the sweetest puppy ever!

    Julianne- He's actually more of a family dog. I will for sure add you onto the list for next week! By the way, I love Wonder Girls too!

    Jeanelle- Haha, I'll post more pictures next week! He's like the cutest dog ever!

    lily- No problem sweetie! I hope this will help shed some light for you blog! =)

    Miss Bun- What kind of dog do you have Nikki?

    Solveig- I love your blog girl! I've been a follower ever since you started! It'll be my pleasure to add you onto the list! : )

  18. Oh I'm sorry I thought I had enclosed the link. My website is

  19. Hi, My blog is about 6 months old, I would really appreciate it if you could list it 8-)

    Thank you,


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