Tuesday, August 3, 2010

OPI Designer Series Japanese Releases

Special thanks to 2 ga jeh for getting these gorgeous holos for me!! ^-^


From left to right:

OPI DS Divine DS 005-JP
OPI DS Chiffon DS 008-JP
OPI DS Sapphire DS 010-JP
OPI DS Tapestry DS 012-JP

OPI DS Divine

OPI DS Chiffon

OPI DS Sapphire

OPI DS Tapestry

All of the polishes above was swatched with three thin coats. The application for these was rather patchy compared to the original non-Japanese Designer Series but honestly it wasn't that bad. =p
I don't own the original DS Sapphire nor DS Tapestry, but I do have the originals of DS Divine and DS Chiffon. (Please click here for the DS Divine comparisons. =D)

I compared both versions of my DS Chiffons and noticed that the two base colours are the same; however, the Japanese release has a less apparent holographic effect. Also, it appears to have a matter finish as well, which can definitely be fixed with top coat. I believe these are the main differences between the two versions for the other colours as well, not sure why OPI has to produce both of them. But hey, maybe the Japanese doesn't like holographic polishes?

Hehe, I guess these are perfect for people who enjoys the appearance of holos but doesn't like the full-on rainbow bling to them. ^-^

Anyway, have a wonderful day everyone!! xoxo


  1. Omg, they're all so pretty! I really like Tapestry !

  2. DS Sapphire is one of my lemmings! Good for you to have gotten these!

  3. They're so pretty and shiny! Is it only available in Japan? >__<;;

  4. aww soo cutee ,, i wanna try it! hehe thanks for sharing! :D

  5. Gorgeous swatches as always! I love Tapestry the most! :-)

  6. These polish are so awesome. I really like them.

  7. omg!! those polishes look so pretty, so great colors I´d buy them all :) thanks for the swatches!!xoxo


  8. Thank you for these swatches Wan. I'm impressed with how Tapestry looks. I've wasn't sure about this polish, until I've seen it on you. Looks gorgeous! In fact all the polishes do :) Danielle x

  9. Wow! I want them all!

  10. Aw, I'm SO jealous!


  11. I'm still trying to find these DS :(

  12. Oh wow, these look gorgeous! I'm especially loving Chiffon, even though I'm not really into pink polishes. Major love ♥. Your ga jeh is awesome, I wish I had one at times to share my polish addiction with :P.

  13. Susie- Yeah, I was really surprised I like Tapestry myself too! It's very unlike all the other polishes that I own. =)

    milan and vanaily- I know! I have the best sisters!

    mrsrexy- Yeah, I was really excited when my sister found these for me!

    mandy- I believe they are. You maybe able to get them on eBay though. Good luck finding them! =)

    ipehishere- My pleasure! =D

    glitterM- Thank you! It's been really sunny here for the past few weeks so I took advantage of it and swatched a lot of polishes before it starts raining non-stop again! Lol!

    Mim- Yeah, they're really really pretty!

    Strawberry Princess- I actually love how the holographic effect is less apparent on these since I was never really a big holo fan.

    Danielle- Thank you sweetie! I wasn't sure about Tapestry either until I had it on! I was really surprised it actually looks decent on me! I will definitely be wearing this again! =D

    Asami- Haha, can you get your mom to pick them up for you? =))

    Lucy- Teeheehee! =)

    miss bun- LOL! YUP! I have three older sisters and I'm the youngest one!

    Jackie S.- I love that polish! Its so unique compared to the other holos!

    Tina- Have you tried ebay? =S

    shazzii- Haha, yeah I think I've secretly converted my entire family into nail polish fanatics! XD I'm very very blessed that they're all so supportive!

  14. where did you buy them from?

  15. Oh my gosh these are absolutely beautiful !


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