Sunday, February 27, 2011

Guess that colour! =]

So when I was sipping my grande cappucino and enjoying my warmed up ginger molasses cookie at Starbucks yesterday, I looked down at my nails and thought "Hey! This is such a pretty colour combo!" Haha maybe it's because I've always thought light blue and brown goes really well together. Anyway, can you guess what nail polish I was wearing? Hint: it's a baby blue polish with secret shimmer from a (sort of) recent Spring release.

Back to studying for my last two midterms nowww...=[

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone! 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Favourite Nail Art Designs

Just wanted to share with you ladies some of my favourite nail art designs that I've created in the past!

P.S. I apologize for the lack of updates lately as I've been awfully busy with school. I'm taking five courses this semester and it's absolutely driving me nuts! =/
Luckily, I'm on reading break right now so hopefully I'll be able to work on some new designs soon. Thank you so much for stopping by ladies, I really really appreciate it! =]

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Recent Hauls Part I

Even though I wasn't blogging during the last few months, I certainly didn't stop buying nail polishes. Here are some of the recent additions to my collection!

My new Essies (from left to right): Sew Psyched, Smokin' Hot, Chinchilly, Mink Muffs, Demure Vixen

These are all two coaters with the exception of Demure Vixen which required three coats to be opaque. I was obviously craving smokey, greyed out shades when I got these.

Dolly Wink nail polishes: #09 (mint green), #14 (pink holo glitter), #10 (yellow), #07 (lilac), #08 (sky blue)
I remember seeing English names for these cuties but I wasn't able to find them anywhere so I'll update when I do. ^-^

Even though I adoreee the Dolly Wink line, I can't bring myself to purchase the entire collection cuz I have very similar colours already. Then again, I might end up getting the rest of them too just to collect 'em all! >__< Sigh, I think I'll have to go on a no buy soon! Anyway, I was quite impressed with the formula and application of these especially the yellow one since it didn't display any signs of the yellow nail polish syndrome and applied ever so wonderfully. =]

Sweets Sweets: NL 7(yellow), NL9 (light green), NL13 (purple)

Sweets Sweets is a Japanese drugstore brand. I was very excited to try these because I have some of their glitter polishes and loveee them. These three did not disappoint because not only were they very affordable, they also applied like buttterrrr! : )

Canmake Crack Lac Nail CL02 & Colorful Nails 02- these two are meant to be used together, gotta say they make a pretty interesting combo! =D


The left is just the mint green polish on its own and the right is with the yellow crackle polish added on top!

P.S. I took these pictures in my brand new light box that I built over the weekend. However, I've been quite upset cuz I couldn't get the lighting to work properly. Any tips on what lights to use and how to position them ladies? =)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My First Helmer! ♥


I absolutely loveeee my new Helmer! For those of you who don't know what a Helmer is, it's an IKEA drawer unit that has dimensions perfect for nail polish storage. It has six separate drawers which means you can easily organize your collection by colour, brand, or both. For the longest time, I held back in getting one because I thought I'll never be able to fill it up. Subconsciously, I also expected that even if I do get one I'll have at least two empty drawers left to put my nail art supplies and treatments in there. Do you want to know what happened in the end? Well, I totally underestimated the degree of my nail polish obsession because I only had two-thirds of a drawer left by the time I was done haha!

A Helmer can hold approximately 400-600 bottles of nail polish depending on their sizes. For instance, a single drawer holds 66 bottles of the regular, full-sized OPIs; however, it can hold up to 100 bottles if they're smaller in size. (eg. Wet n wilds, Rescue Beauty Lounges, Essies, etc.)

Anyway, I dreaded building it myself because I had a terrible experience putting together my Melmer the last time around. =S As a result, I had an amazing guy friend who kindly offered to build it for me. He wasn't feeling too well the day he came over either so THANK YOU SO MUCH HILBERT, I really appreciate it! =D

Here's how I organized my collection:
1st drawer: reds, oranges, and yellows

2nd drawer: pinks

3rd drawer: purples

4th drawer: greens and nudes

5th drawer: blues, greys, and whites

6th drawer: some leftover polishes that wouldn't fit anywhere else, treatments, nail art supplies


This is what you get when you decide to relocate all your nail polish from the coffee table in the living room to your brand new Helmer! =]

If you follow me on Twitter, you would already know that I have finally purchased my first Helmer! I'll be posting about it tomorrow so please stay tuned! :D