Saturday, March 5, 2011

Nail Up! March Issue + Free iPhone App! ^_^

Would you like to have access to these lovely spreads from the latest issue of Nail Up! for FREE? 

Well guess what? You can now download a free Nail Up! iPhone App which includes 25 pages from their latest magazine issue! Simply follow the steps I specially put together for you below and enjoy the beautiful nail art designs at no cost at all. =]

Here's how to download the App: 

Please note it'll be quite a challenging experience because we'll have to search for it out of the 350,000 apps from the App Store and overcome some major language barriers. Then again, NOTHING can stop us from getting our lil hands on super cute nail art designs! Muahahahaha! >:)

Step 1: Once you're in the App store, tap on the search icon on the bottom left and a search box will appear up top. 

Step 2: Tap on the search box, type "nail" and then press "Search".

Step 3: A bunch of nail related apps will show up, keep scrolling until you find the pink Nail Up! icon with Japanese characters and tap on it to continue. 

Step 4: Tap on the blue "Free" button and then "Install" to download the app and you're DONE!

This app gives you free access to 25 pages from the magazine; however, there's also a paid version which will provide you with more pages. I believe you'll probably have access to the entire magazine but I can't be sure because I have tried it out yet. Anyway, here's how to download the paid version:

Simply scroll down a bit more after you see the free version and you'll find the same icon with a price next to it. At $2.99, it'll be a pretty good deal if you really do get access to the entire magazine. Please let me know if anyone of you actually end up purchasing this! =]

I hope this will help all my fellow Japanese nail art fanatics out there! Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Love you all! Muah!


  1. Thank you so much both for the scans and the super useful information :D

  2. Wow it is super cool that they have an app for nail up!

  3. I tried out the Lite version and purchased the full app for this magazine back in December, and it's great! The Lite app updated from a preview of the winter issue on Feb. 17 to the current issue that you have images from.

    The full app has not yet been updated from the winter issue (I just checked), but I'm hoping that will change soon. The full app is the entire winter issue of the magazine, and includes wallpaper you can take a screen cap of to use on your iPhone/iPad. It works the same way the lite version does - I love being able to zoom in on the designs!

    Also, it's a bit easier to search for if you type nailup (as one word) into the search bar - the only results I get are the apps for this magazine. :)

  4. so cool the nailpolish! I love the scans!

  5. Thank you SO much for the scans and the tip about the app!

  6. Thanks for sharing!!! Just when I was looking for a mani inspiration, you posted this..What a great timing!!!

  7. :(
    Not on droid market.

    Please keep with your scans. I love the inspiration.

  8. Used to be on the droid market :( but they removed it for some reason...

  9. Thank you for sharing this. I love the pages so much and I ended up buying the magazine!

  10. Świetny bloog :) Oby tak dalej. Zapraszam do mnie i do obserwatorów :)

  11. I downloaded it and very helpful. Thanks! BTW, I tag you

  12. oh great! I love this mag! I'm downloading the app right now! :p

  13. Love your blog, so helpful!!! :)


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