Monday, October 24, 2011

Chanel Khaki Vert

Chanel Khaki Vert 247. Dusty green creme. Applies smooth like butter. Perfectly opaque in two thin coats.  

Khaki Vert was released last year in the Les Khaki de Chanel collection along with Khaki Brun, an olive brown creme, and Khaki Rose, a medium taupe. I was extremely lucky to be able purchase this because it was the very last bottle left in the boutique. :)

I love wearing dusty shades in the Fall and this colour is simply perfect for the kind of weather now. 

What are your favourite nail polish shades to wear in this time of the year?


  1. I LOVE NEUTRAL COLORS especialllyyyyy olive green =)

  2. Nice choice, I love muted colors and this is a top for me too! Beautiful photography ^_^

  3. Such a lovely color! & Your photos are amazing! ♥

  4. been feelin hesitant of getting olive green but now for sure im going for it! :D

  5. Ahh, looks gorgeous! I have some of my favorite nail polishes for fall on my blog if you are interested! Hope you're having a great day. xx Veronica

  6. alienesque- They're amazing aren't they? :)

    bmwmchick- Thank you! I'm so glad I own this polish, it's such a beauty!

    Pauline- Thanks! You are sooo sweet!

    moonchild- Thank youu!!

    j.luong- I was never really a big fan of green nail polish, but this is a must!

    Veronica- Thank you! Your blog is awesome! Keep up the great work!

  7. I really love your photos and blog! ;D good job! and your nails are so gorgeous <3


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