Saturday, October 22, 2011

OPI Siberian Nights and Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

OPI Siberian Nights NL R52. Dark, vampy purple. Three coats. This polish is from the OPI Russian collection released in Fall 2007 and is now a part of their permanent line. Siberian Nights dries to an incredibly glossy finish as you can see in the pictures. I purposely did not apply top coat to show you how gorgeous it is on its own. :)

This polish is very special to me because it was the colour I chose for my first manicure at a nail salon. Note: this was back in the day when I only wore neutrals and sheer pinks so it was quite a breakthrough for me haha, but I'm very glad I picked it because I absolutely adore it to pieces. I just love how mysterious it looks on the nails! The polish appears almost black under most lights; however, the dark vampy purple shows up beautifully in the sun.

I finished off my mani with two coats of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, a gorgeous flakie polish that looks amazing layered on top of any colour. :)


  1. I love wearing "almost black" colours!

  2. good golly that is beautiful! Siberian Nights is one that i've been looking at for 4 years now. I've always been interested but never pulled the trigger on that one!

  3. This is so perfect together! I do love the dark vampy colors.

  4. Ahhh I love hidden treasure!
    Gorgeous combo!

  5. Gorgeous color! I absolutely love it with the flakies!!!

  6. It's beautiful on it's own, but with Hidden Treasure it's stunning!

  7. Oh this looks amazing! love o.p.i !
    I follow you!

  8. I love Siberian Nights! :) It's gorgeous!

  9. Great polish!
    This combo is awesome!!
    I love it!

  10. wow this is uber pretty with the glitter on top! xxx

  11. Veronica- Me too! I secretly love how only you would know what colour it actually is.

    Steph- Do get it! Siberian Nights is gorgeous. I waited for a few years before I purchased it but I'm very glad I did! :)

    arsyparsy- This is actually the first time I ever wore Hidden Treasure ever since getting it last spring. *gasps*

    Kelly- I was never really a big fan of flakies but Hidden Treasure is gorgeous!

    moonchild- I love how the dark purple lets the opalescent flakies show up extremely well.

    Sanja- Thanks for following! :)

    LimitedAddictionNails- I have lots of other purple vampies but this one is sooo pretty!

    rock-or-not- Thank you!

    TzeYien- I'm very glad the pictures turned out so well thanks to mr. sun!

    Camy- I totally agree! I can't stop looking at it when I had it on.


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