Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Jelly Sandwich Manicure

Jelly Sandwich
I decided to attempt a jelly sandwich manicure over the weekend! A jelly sandwich manicure, also known as a candy manicure, is a layering technique which you apply a base colour, a glitter and then lastly a jelly polish on top. I used OPI Gettin' Miss Piggy With It! HL C14. from their new holiday Muppets collection and also OPI Big Hair...Big Nails NL T21 from their Texas. I omitted the base layer because I wanted a more transparent effect. This is a great mani to wear for the upcoming winter holidays if you want to be festive. I bet we're going to start seeing Christmas decorations put up in stores now that Halloween is over, so why not start coming up with Christmas manis as well? ;)

What are your favourite polish combinations to use for jelly sandwich manicures?

Note: OPI Gettin' Miss Piggy With It! and OPI Big Hair...Big Nails were sent to me for review. 


  1. Thank you so much ladies! :)

  2. Absolutely stunning! Never heard of this layering technique before, but it sure does create beautiful manicures!

  3. I love it, never heard of it either.

  4. Kayleigh- I love how you can still see the glitter shine through the jelly and it's perfect for people who like a secret subtle bling to their manis :)

    TheNailAddict- Thank you! This technique is quite new to me too. I'm sure it's been around for a while but it has recently been very popular in the nail polish world haha

  5. It looks gorgeous !! I have a question, maybe idiot lol but how can we know that a nail polish is a jelly one ?
    The nail polish OPI Big Hair...Big Nails is a red one but we can still see the glitters if we apply it on them ?

  6. This is amazing! How many coats of each polish did you use?

  7. Don't worry, Twin Star... I have no idea what a jelly polish is, either!


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