1. Why have you chosen to blog about nail polish, as opposed to other cosmetics like lipstick/eyeshadow/skin care or hair care products?

Nail polish with the great variety of colours has always pulled me in more so than other cosmetics. I believe that wearing nail polish is the easiest way to accessorize and add attractive colours to the wardrobe. I’ve always loved the variety of colours, and was inspired to start a blog to merge together my passion for photography and nail polish.

2. Are you surprised at the number of followers you have? How quickly did your blog gain popularity?

Initially, I just started the blog to share and showcase my love for nail polish. I never expected there would be actual readers regularly visiting my blog. I’m extremely grateful that they enjoy the beauty of nail polish as much as I do.

3. Have you always been passionate about nail polish, or is this a relatively new interest?

Two years ago, my sister took me to my first manicure at a nail salon. It was the first time I tried on dark nail polish. That was when I realized it’s a lot more unique and expressive to wear fun colours other than the usual sheer pinks. Nail polish is like an expression of art. To me, nail polish speaks volume about someone’s personality and character.

4. Do you find that followers of your blog are as devoted to nails as you are?

From the comments that they leave, I learn that they range from readers who are just discovering the joys of nail polish to hardcore fanatics.

5. Have you been approached by any nail polish companies about promoting their brands? Have any companies sent you polish samples to encourage you to blog about their products?

Yes, I’ve been approached by these companies. They send me samples of their upcoming collections. There are no editorial strings attached and they do not expect a specific blog post, however, they love hearing any form of feedback.

6. Why do you think nail polish experienced higher sales last year than any other cosmetics categories?

I think nail polish is more versatile and offer greater colour variety. Nail polish is also cheaper relative to other cosmetic items. Moreover, its beautifying effects can last for a longer duration while other cosmetic items are usually made for single-time usage that are removed by the end of the day. As well, when you are not fond of a certain polish or feel that it does not suit you, you can simply mix it with other colours and create a unique shade that no one else has.

7. Do you believe that nail polish bloggers have had an effect on the popularity of nail polish? If so, how?

Yes, a lot of nail polish bloggers have collaborated with companies to produce new colours that won’t otherwise be created. I also believe that nail polish bloggers have an immense influence on promoting colours and new nail polish collections, bringing on greater awareness of what colours are popular and flattering to different skin tones.

8. Do you believe that celebrities have an effect on nail polish sales when they’re photographed wearing a specific colour/brand? Any examples?

Yes, I feel that this is especially the case when an influential magazine or blog points out and takes note of the nail polish the celebrities are wearing.

9. Have you noticed any nail polish innovations in the last year (in terms of colours, formulations, gels, nail art) that have made you even more excited about nail polish? Why?

Yes, I noticed that many nail polish companies are beginning to progress away from the usual pinks and reds. In the past year, they have become more adventurous and have created a more diverse variety of colours and finishes. New colours and themes always catch me by surprise because they’re unique and original.

10. In your opinion, what’s the next big thing in nail polish?

My guess would be further advancements in the formulation of nail polish which include longer lasting power, higher shine, and faster drying times. Various forms of nail art are also quickly growing in popularity.